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Club Competition Win a FREE TRIP TO FRANCE AND TOUR PAIRS AND BORDEAUX and experience the old world wine country on a canal cruise

First Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Max & Nadine Villalobos a Bay Area Sr. Executive who is our Newest and 100th Chieftain Member. Mr. & Mrs. Villalobos received a Complimentary steak dinner for two at the Vezer Famous Chop House along with a bottle of La Salette last Friday Night.


Official announcement: Club Member competition, starting this weekend and active over the next 8 months.


First Prize Winner receives:

FREE TRIP for two consisting of 6 days & 5 nights touring both Paris & Bordeaux Wine Country on a Canal Cruise (includes, cruise, lodging and airfare).


Second Prize Winner receives:

FREE TRIP for two to Hawaii for 5 days & 4 nights (includes lodging and airfare).


Third Prize Winner receives:

FREE TRIP for two to Vancouver British Columbia 4 days & 3 nights (includes lodging and airfare).


Vezer Family Vineyard will be awarding the above prizes for the highest number of Club Member recruits activated over this period and surpassing our 1,000 active legitimate Club Member goal.



This is how the competition rules will work. Currently Vezer’s total Club Membership is at 500 including both Chieftains and Elites, our goal is to reach our max capacity at 1,000 Active Members by June 1st 2012. The Club Member who recruits the most legitimate Club Members will win First Prize. The Second highest number of legitimate Club Members Recruited will win the second prize trip, and the third highest number of legitimate Club Members Recruited will win the Third Prize Trip.


All prizes will include 4 star accommodations along with to and from airport shuttle service.


Additional Rules:


1.     You have to be a Club Member to be eligible to Win

2.     The Goal of 1,000 Legitimate and Active Club Members by June 1st 2012 must be met in order for any of the prizes to be awarded.

3.     The recruited Club Members in order to be qualified as active legitimate New Club Members must have paid and gone through at least 2 Elite Club billing cycles in order to qualify, and if they drop out before their Agreed Club Contract Term they will be disqualified regardless of billings paid. (The goal is to get long term club members and avoid illegitimate recruits, who after signing up cancels, or their credit cards does not work or cannot be charged)

4.     Recruits who sign up for Elite Club Membership equal one point for one sign up

5.     Recruits who sign up for a Chieftain Club Membership equal one and a half points for one sign up.

6.     Club Member who are Elite and Up grade their Membership to Chieftain will be awarded a ½ a point.

7.     Only the Recruit signing the Membership contract constitutes as a Member, his or her spouse is not counted as a Member for the purposes of this competition.

8.     Your recruit must write your name legibly on the front page of the Club Membership contract listing you as their recruiter in order for you to qualify as the recruiter and get the point for their sign-up.

9.     Vezer’s General Manager, along with an Outside accountant from Moss Adams will be the ones to review the Recruited Club Membership Contract records, and tally the total number of Club Members, New Recruits and who their Recruiters are, and than determine who the winners will be.

10. By July 31st 2012 the winners will be announced, and the first dates eligible for the trips will be 67 days after the July 31st 2012 announcement.

11. All trips are dependent on dates available and must be used within 12 months of announcement date or they become null and void and no refund will be given.

12. Vezer Family Vineyards LLC reserves all rights and sole rights to determine and settle any discrepancies and disputes.

13. If the referenced 1,000 Active Club Members are reached earlier and two Elite Club Billing Cycles have already passed, Vezer Family Vineyard LLC may elect to make the announcement early and 67 days after the announcement date one can schedule their trip dates based on availability.

14. If a tie occurs for either of the prizes than, Frank Vezer will spin a Vezer Wine Bottle on the Winery Floor, having all the Tied Club Members stand in a circle, and the Club Member closest to where the top of the Bottle stops and points will be the winner. The unfortunate ones (i.e.; loosers) will go down to the next level to take second prize or spin off again if there is more than one tied individual left. This will continue until the third prize is awarded. Runner ups after the third prize is awarded, will receive a consolation prize of a FREE Case of Any Vezer Red still being sold in the tasting room.

15.  Employees of Vezer Family Vineyard LLC or its other affiliated companies do not qualify for this competition. However, the Employee Recruiting the most Club Members as described above as active and legitimate Club Members and if by June 1st 2012, Vezer Family Vineyard LLC has reached the above referenced goal of 1,000 Club Members, they will get a Free Trip To Hawaii for 2 including 4 days & 3 nights accommodations at a 4 star Hotel


Think about it:


If every Club Member just signed up one new Recruit the 1,000 members could easily be reached within the next 30 days, and these new recruits could be easily qualified if they pay and receive Septembers Shipment retro active and go through the Dec 2011 Pick-up Party and Billing cycle. Leaving all plenty of time for a Vezer spring or summer vacation plan.


We look forward to the excitement that this competition will generate, and all the new people we will get to meet. Understand by Vezer Family being able to recruit more members this will not only make the Winery more successful and allow us to even further improve on our fantastic venues and events, not to mention more fabulous wines as well.


Best Wishes To all from Frank & Liz and the whole Vezer Family


Good Club Member Hunting to all.